Cimbalino Toolkit

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Cimbalino Toolkit is a set of useful and powerful tools that will help you build your Windows Platform applications.

The toolkit is fully compatible with:

  • Windows Phone Silverlight 8.0 apps (WP8)
  • Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 apps (WP81)
  • Windows Phone 8.1 apps (WPA81)
  • Windows Store 8.1 apps (Win81)
  • Windows 10 UWP apps (Universal Windows Platform)

Note: Due to changes in the way NuGet works, if you use Cimbalino Toolkit in your Windows 10 UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps, you will have to manually add the Behaviors SDK!

NuGet packages


The full documentation is available here.


See the LICENSE.txt file for details.